Matadors Unite to Heal the Bay


Staff members and student-athletes from CSUN Athletics came together to participate in a cleanup effort with Heal the Bay in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on July 19th. The group, which was mainly composed of the CSUN Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and Athletics Summer Success Program (ASSP), used the event to kick off CSUN’s “Matador 2000” community service initiative.

The Matadors spent the morning walking Manhattan Beach and picking up any foreign matter and debris in sight, such as bottles, cans, Styrofoam and trash. In addition to removing these items from the beach itself, the team also separated recyclable material in order to further improve the environment.

The group then recorded data on how many items of each type were collected so that Heal the Bay officials have the information needed to identify the sources of pollution and work toward developing permanent solutions for the problem. The event was part of Heal the Bay’s monthly “Nothin’ But Sand” cleanup program, which aims to remove every unnatural item from beaches throughout California. To learn more about Heal the Bay, visit

About Matador 2000

The purpose of the Matador 2000 program is to increase Matador Athletics involvement with our local communities through Athletic, Academic and Philanthropic service. Each CSUN Athletic team will be challenged to earn 2000 hours in community service throughout the academic year. CSUN coaches and administrative staff will also contribute to the CSUN Athletics Community Engagement Program.

About SAAC

SAAC is made up of 28 student-athletes from 13 programs at CSUN. It works to promote communication and feedback between the athletics department and student-athletes and also organizes community service opportunities on and off campus. Current SAAC representatives can be found here.

About ASSP

ASSP is a Freshman Connection program offered to eligible first-time freshman student-athletes at CSUN. The program places student-athletes in a learning community composed of six academic units during the summer before their first CSUN fall semester. In addition to community service opportunities and events, student-athletes enroll in a math course and University 100.

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