Northridge Athletics Hosts NCAA Diversity Education Workshop

Northridge Athletics Hosts NCAA Diversity Education Workshop

Matador Athletics hosted an NCAA Diversity Education Workshop on December 7. Northridge coaches were in attendance, as well as representatives from other departments in Athletics and the University. Twenty-three student-athletes also attended a separate workshop later in the afternoon.

The two diversity workshops provided opportunities for student-athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, faculty and staff to enhance their understanding and respect for multiculturalism and diversity. The workshops, limited to between 20 and 40 participants per session and lasting four hours for the coaches and staff and two hours for the student-athletes, were used to provide a positive learning environment that teaches the values of diversity in maximizing team effectiveness.

"The response of all the participants of the NCAA Diversity Workshop has been nothing but positive," said Janet Pinneau, Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services. "The participants unanimously hope we will be able to bring these presenters back routinely. The dynamic approach of the presenters engaged the participants and made this an extremely successful educational opportunity."

"The diversity training was great," women's volleyball player Colleen Tobin said. "Everyone seemed to enjoy it and get a lot out of it. The only down part was that we wished it was longer. Everyone wanted to keep going with the activities that we started. All around it was a great experience though."

Women's soccer player Tryna Tafoya echoed the same sentiments, saying "The diversity training was amazing. I had a blast and my coaches told me the same thing."

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