Angelique Odom
Angelique Odom
Phone: 677-7245
Position: Administrative Assistant

Angelique Odom is entering her fourth year (2011-12) as Administrative Assistant at CSUN Athletics.

Angelique is a CSUN alumni with who has a BS degree in Kiniesiology. She is currently working on her Masters degree in Higher Education Administration.

She spent nine years in the Marine Corps. She has two kids and a five-year-old grandson.

Angelique has run the Los Angeles Marathon three times. She ran the Rome Marathon on her birthday this year (2001) in March. She enjoys traveling to run in different places and countries, and looks forward to many more.

Angelique's Analysis
Favorite Food: Mexican
Least Favorite Food: Liver
Favorite Movie: Way to many to chose from
Favorite TV Show: Closer, CSI, Leverage, Saving Grace just to name a few
Enjoys Listening To The Music Of: Jazz/R&B/Rock
The Best Thing About Working At CSUN: The people I work with
What Actress Would Play The Lead If A Movie Was Made Of My Life: I would play myself. No one else could handle the drama I've created.
Hobbies: Running, Working Out, Reading and Dancing
If I Had A Million Dollars, I would: Pay off all my student loans and travel to China, Africa and Australia to run 1/2 marathons.