Athletics Marketing and Corporate Partner Program

Take advantage of the powerful marketing opportunities available through a corporate partnership with the Cal State Northridge Department of Athletics.

Establishing a Cal State Northridge Athletics corporate partnership allows our partners to target their needs in the San Fernando Valley markets, while associating with a organization that is dedicated to quality, community involvement, client satisfaction and winning.

As a corporate partner, your affiliation provides a multitude of opportunities to develop brand awareness, build brand loyalty and enhance your company's exposure to targeted demographic groups. We also provide a wide variety of advertising and media outlets, coupled with community and public relations exposure to maximize the bottom line return on your investment.

Captive Audience Advertising
Strategy of Corporate Partnership Packaging
The Athletic Marketing Office offers a broad array of opportunities. Our staff works with your company's corporate marketing strategy to develop a winning combination of marketing, advertising & promotional elements that will reach your specific partnership objectives and provide a powerful message to reach your target market.

Tailored Corporate Partnership Packages
A corporate partnership is a compilation of creative ideas that the partner and the Athletic Marketing Office jointly develop and coordinate. All advertising and partnership programs are tailored to meet the needs and marketing objectives of each individual partner to maximize their goals and objectives.

Corporate Partner Package Pricing
The Athletic Marketing Office stresses flexibility when designing a comprehensive partnership package. The values of each key element within a partnership package are consistent with the values offered to all other prospective or current partners. Payment plans can be customized as a convenience to the partner. Partner visibility through a corporate partnership package may include, but is not limited to the following:

For further marketing information, please contact Erin G. Kiser or call (818) 677-2683