CSUN Sports Performance

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Facility Description
The California State University, Northridge Athletic Performance Training Facility is located in Redwood Hall adjacent to The Matadome. The 3,500 square foot facility includes 7,500 pounds of free weight, including bumper plates and urethane barbell plates. The weight room also houses 2,500 pounds of dumbells.

The training center includes 10 state-of-the-art Power-Lift Olympic Weightlifting platforms and 10 Power-Lift multidimensional half racks with lever action benches. The facility also contains a selection of other training modalities such as medicine balls, stability balls, plyometric boxes and hurdles, flex resistance bands, slide boards and jump ropes.

Training Philosophy
The training programs designed by the Sports Performance staff at CSUN cover all facets of speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and joint flexibility. Each training program is based upon the development of functional strength and explosive power using Olympic Weightlifting (i.e. Snatch, Clean & Jerk) and other free weight movements that help prepare student-athletes for the rigors of athletic competition.

The goal of the Sports Performance staff at CSUN is to foster a positive training environment that will provide each student-athlete the opportunity to reach their athletic potential. The true success of any strength and conditioning program is in the design and implementation. We believe it is necessary to educate and motivate student-athletes about the importance of a multi-faceted strength and conditioning program. Experience has shown that better educated student-athletes are likely to train harder and smarter. The Matador training experience encourages competition, accountability, and self-discipline.