A Matador Minute with Women's Soccer Senior Wendy Warner

A senior defender from Mission Viejo, Calif., Wendy Warner is in the middle of her final season with the Cal State Northridge women's soccer program. Thus far in 2013, Warner has appeared in all 10 matches and made eight starts. 

As she reflects on her career and looks ahead to her final Big West Conference season, Warner talked with GoMatadors.com about a host of things surrounding the Matadors. 

Q: How would you say the season has gone thus far?

A: "I think we dealt with a tough schedule well. Despite some of the results, we have grown as a team and have lots to still learn in order to achive our goals."

Q: In what areas do you want to see the team improve as it heads towards the league portion of the schedule?

A: "I think we need to work on our consistency. We need to get better at refocusing between games when we play twice in a week. We need to do a better job of focusing on both contests, not just the first one of the week."

Q: Does any game thus far stand out for you?

A: "I thought we played our best game of the season in defeating Tulsa 1-0. We did a great job of following the game plan and sticking to it over both halves. That was our most consistent effort of the year so far."

Q: What are your plans once your CSUN soccer career is over?

A: "I will be graduating with a degree in nutrition in the fall of 2014. I want to work as a registered dietician. I want to help people improve their diets and their lifestyles."

Q: Who is the funniest member of the Matadors this year?

A: "That's a tough one for me to answer because I think we're all pretty funny. Still, I'd say Tabatha Dickson stands out because she has a way of making the most serious situation funny with her timing. Taylor Hobson is also fun because she knows how to get under Coach West's skin pretty well having also played club ball for him."

Q: Has it dawned on you that you're in your final season of Matador soccer?

A: "It certainly has not set in that this is my final year. I keep thinking I have an extra year, but that's just not the case. I think this year has gone by pretty quickly. When it's over, I want to know that I did everything in my power to help the team be successful. That's all that matters." 

Q: What are your thoughts on the improvements made to Matador Soccer Field?

A: "I think the new entry way looks amazing! It makes our campus much more attractive and helps us draw larger crowds. It looks so nice that it somewhat creates a new standard that we want to live up to and honor."

Q: What have you learned from Coach West over your career?

A: "Coach West does a great job of relating situations in soccer and life to each other. Whether it's in communication on the field or school work off it, he does a great job showing us how each situation is something we can learn from."

Q: How about your defensive coach, Miguel Ruiz?

A: "I think Miguel has been a great defensive coach. He has taught me how to have better composure on the field. He has helped me become both a calm player and one who is fierce and determined to get the job done." 

Q: What have you learned from your fellow seniors?

A: "Sometimes I feel like an oddball because I didn't redshirt, but we've all grown pretty tight over the course of our careers. Chloe McDaniel has taught me a lot on the field, in my preparation and in the games. Amanda Smith has been a big help with school work and focusing on that aspect of our time at CSUN. And finally, Haley Chee is a great communicator who has taught me a lot about that skill."