Matador Minute & Travel Log with Women's Basketball's Camille Mahlknecht

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. ---

Cal State Northridge junior center Camille Mahlknecht jotted down her thoughts on the Matadors' recent trip to Clemson and Georgia Southern. On the trip, the Matadors recorded their first two victories in the Eastern Time Zone in over 18 years. 

On the court, Mahlknecht just missed consecutive double-doubles. She finished with 12 points and nine rebounds at Clemson and 10 points and nine rebounds at Georgia Southern. Additionally, Mahlknecht totaled seven blocked shots in the two games and now needs just 19 more to set a new school all-time record. 

Saturday 11/16 4:15 A.M

In route to LAX to board our flight to Atlanta. My teammates and I are surprisingly hyper considering its still technically the middle of the night. We are all really looking forward to this trip, trying to come home 2-0 on the road!!

Saturday 11/16 5:58 A.M.

Just received a text from Coach Flowers informing us that his daughter has finally arrived into this world! Welcome Tristyn Aulani Flowers! It will be strange starting off a road trip without Coach Flowers but he promised to take the Redeye and will meet us tomorrow to help take care of business at Clemson. Such a dedicated coach! 

Saturday 11/16 2:23 P.M.

Landed safely in Atlanta and now we are driving to our hotel in Clemson. We are all thrilled, especially Randi Friess because she hasn’t been home since the summer and will be able to play in front of all of her family and friends for the very first time! Her brother even surprised her at the airport with a sign and a goodie bag, precious! Now it’s time to get some food and prepare for tomorrow!

Saturday 11/16 10:50 P.M. 

Our long travel day has finally ended. We had a solid practice and a productive film session, but now we are all pretty beat. Early shoot around tomorrow, so it’s time to get some shut-eye!

Sunday 11/17  8:15 A.M. 

Just walking out of our shoot around, we all feel super confident about our game this afternoon. All of our shots looked fantastic, and we were the especially focused on our communication, which will really help us this afternoon because Clemson is a huge arena. I can’t wait to beat the Tigers!!

Sunday 11/17 11:46 A.M.

About to hit the court for warm-ups! Our locker room is on the third floor of the arena, and the elevator is not available. Nothing like a little extra pre-game cardio! Doesn’t matter, nothing can stop us! We are listening to our favorite songs and dancing to get in the zone, the Matadors are feeling it!
Sunday 11/17  3:33 P.M.
JUST BEAT CLEMSON!! We are so pumped up! It was a great win and everyone contributed. I am so proud of how well my team played and communicated, and how we stuck together and played as a team the entire 40 minutes. It’s time to grub and celebrate our first win of the season!

Sunday 11/17 6:18 P.M. 

Leaving Clemson and heading to Savannah, Georgia. Although it’s a long five-hour ride, it’s lively on the bus and everyone is laughing and having a great time. We even popped in Pitch Perfect and had some team sing alongs. Even a couple staff members participated! Once we arrive in Savannah we will watch film and get some rest. Beating Clemson feels great but our business trip is only 50% completed. It’s time to prepare to beat Georgia Southern!

Monday 11/18 11:10 A.M.

Just finished practice at Randi’s old high school! It’s been really cool to get to see her hometown and have her point out all of her favorite spots. Practice was light, but we were all focused and efficient. We worked on how to defend tomorrow’s opponent, and got up a lot of shots. At the end, our coaches set up an obstacle course and we had to leave one another through the course, with one person blindfolded. It was really fun and a great learning tool because we had to trust one another completely, which is something we have to be better at on the court. Now we are headed to Randi’s house for a home cooked meal!
Monday 11/18 3:12 P.M.

Wow. For the very first time in my life I have had a full-blown Southern home cooked meal. It was delicious! We devoured potato salad, mac and cheese, collard greens, chicken, and ribs! Followed by red velvet cupcakes for dessert! My teammates and I are in Heaven! Now it’s time to walk off some of that amazing food with a little team walk around the local bay.

Monday 11/18  6:12 P.M.

We are heading to film now after a productive two hours of study hall. I am glad that we are still able to keep up with our studies on the road, especially with finals coming up quickly. After film we are headed to dinner and then straight to bed. Tomorrow’s the big day! 

Tuesday 11/19 12:36 P.M.

Making our way back to the hotel after our shoot around. Shoot around was solid and we are all looking forward to the game tonight and are ready to beat the Eagles! Once we get back to the hotel we will have a quick film session for a review of individual tendencies. Then it’s time for our “Feel Good” which is a highlight tape that Coach Mario has made from the Clemson game. I can’t wait to watch it, and get even more excited for tonight!

Tuesday 11/19 9:12 P.M.

JUST BEAT GEORGIA SOUTHERN!! We had a shaky first half and were a little plagued by foul trouble, but came out much more focused in the second half! Our intensity picked up after our halftime discussion, and we were also more cohesive. We even had a couple players with a career high nights! I was especially proud of my fellow forward Mikayla Thigles for grabbing 17 rebounds!

Wednesday 11/20 5:58 A.M.

Just loaded the bus for the four-hour ride from Savannah back to Atlanta. We are tired! Although it is going to be a long travel day we are in good spirits because we played good basketball and we are heading home with two wins!

Wednesday 11/20 4:12 P.M.

Back to CSUN! This trip has been one for the books. Now, it’s time to get back in the classroom and back on the court. We have two days to prepare and then we face BYU on Saturday! Let the streak continue!