A Matador Minute with CSUN Men's Soccer Junior Moy Gomez

Question What were your thoughts on California exhibition game?

Answer "We were trying to carry over success from spring, where we finished play undefeated. Heading up to Berkeley, it was important for us to continue momentum. Cal is good team and they played very well. Fortunately, we were able to pick up the victory without really playing our top game. I hope the performance says a lot about our team and will motivate us through the season. "

Question Can you describe your game-winning goal in the California game?

Answer "It happened in double overtime and so our bodies were fatigued. Kevin Guppy started the momentum by rolling the ball out to Chad Borak who moved the ball to the midfield with a pass to Rafael Garcia. He then pushed us forward with a quick pass to Milan Radovic, who swung the ball out to the wing to Sunhyung Kim. As we pushed up, we tried to get numbers in the box. I tried to keep up with the play and Sun found me for the goal. It was a good feeling to finish that game in that fashion."

Question What have you learned from Coach Davila?

Answer "One thing I have taken from Coach Davila is the importance in making CSUN a program who garners respect throughout the conference, region and nation. Since the first day I arrived here, he has had us working hard to become a nationally ranked squad/. I think that in anything to do life, if you're not trying to be best, you're not doing everything you can, and that is definitely something I have learned from Coach Davila. We have had some memorable victories, including wins over UCSB and UCLA. Coach Davila has shown us that if we are going to work hard and give everything we have, we should always be shooting for the best."

Question As an upperclassman, you are counted upon to provide the team with leadership, but who do you look to for leadership among your teammates?

Answer "I look to my fellow upperclassmen. Devin Deldó and I go back to club soccer. We have a lot in common and get along really well. He has always been there for me in every sense and is great source of encouragement. Kevin Guppy is also a great leader and he has always been a player a worthy of looking up to and respecting. He is certainly a good leader and a person to go to in tough situations.

Question Who was your childhood soccer idol?

Answer "I would have to say Ronaldo. I have always been fascinated by his ability and admired his ability to beat defenders. He has a great killer instinct around goal and a skill to make a goal out of nothing. I can also relate with him because we have suffered similar types of injuries. It would be an honor someday in my career to be compared to him.

Question Who provides the team with the lighter moments during practice and training?

Answer "Well, assistant coach Yossi Raz is a given. I've also been told that I can be one of those guys. But for me, I would have to say Chad Borak and Ben Cox. Those guys have great sense of humor. Chad can laugh at anything. He does a good job of making sure we have a good time. It is rare to see either to see in a bad mood.

Question What have been your thoughts on the team's freshmen?

Answer "I have been very impressed with their performance and I am excited for them to show that skill this season. These kids have come in here and not shown a glimpse of fear orof being timid. From day one, since conditioning, they have worked very hard and hung in there with the team. Matt Chavez won the Newcomer Conditioning Player of the Year and Joe has shown great potential. Because all three of are defenders, it hasn't been easy to beat them practice and that makes the entire team and myself better."

Question In the same thought process, what have been your impressions of the incoming transfers?

Answer Cameron Sims and Ruben Rodriguez are both incredible additions to the squad. Both are technically sound and hard workers. They are great teammates and have come in and blended with team like they've been here for years. I think they are going to contribute a lot and we are excited to have them."

Question What are your personal and team goals for the 2008 season?

Answer "Personally, I'd like to be considered one of the go to guys in our offense. I owe it to my team as an upperclassman and as a mature player, to provide the team with confidence to put goals in back of net. I have given myself the challenge to be committed to doing all I can to be an all-around player."

"As a team, I want us to carry over the momentum from spring. I want to see us continue our strong work ethic and keep everyone is on same page. I think we have developed a great camaraderie among the squad and that will help us become better soccer team."

Question How rewarding has been it to play your collegiate soccer so close to home?

Answer "It's been a pleasure and helped me get through the process in transitioning to college from high school because the experience is so different. I am very grateful to have my family and friends come out to games. My immediate family has yet to meet a home game. As a player, it feels good to know that there are people out there to support you and the team.

Question What would you tell fans as to what the can anticipate from the Matador Men's Soccer program for the 2008 season?

Answer "I would tell them that they will not be disappointed by coming out to watch us. First, we have been working extremely hard to become a team. Now, we need to the fans out there. I believe the more people that come out, the more we feel a responsibility to come out do our best. It is a very rewarding feeling to applaud crowd after the game for their support."

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