Matadors Open 2010 Indoor Season at UW Invitational in Seattle

Jan. 27, 2010

UW Invitational Live Results

Cal State Northridge track & field opens the 2010 indoor season this weekend as the Matador men and women compete at the UW Invitational at Dempsey Indoor in Seattle, Wash.

In all, Northridge will send 39 athletes (20 men, 19 women) to the meet. The multi-event and pole vaulters will compete on Friday while the remainder of the squad will compete on Saturday.

"We're looking to forward to seeing a lot of new people competing indoors for the first time," said Director of Track & Field Don Strametz. "We're using the indoor season to get a lot of people a lot of experience and getting them ready for the outdoor season."

The meet gets underway Friday with the first event of the women's pentathlon, the 60m hurdles at 3 p.m. Friday's events close with the 800m run, also part of the pentathlon. Saturday opens with the women's 3,000 meters at 9 a.m. and the meet wraps up with the second of two heats of the men 4x400 relay at 5:55 p.m.

2009 MPSF runner-up in the heptathlon Robert Robinson is scheduled to compete on Friday along with teammates Lance Gonzales and Michael Woodham.

"We have some people who are going to be very good and we hope to take them as far as we can this year," added Strametz. "Hopefully we can get a few people to Nationals. The weather will play a big factor in what happens over the next month, how much rain we do or don't get and how many workouts we can get in."

The UW Invitational is one of just two indoor meets Northridge will compete in prior to the MPSF Indoor Championships on Feb. 26-27. The Matadors will also travel to Boise, Idaho to compete in the Boise Invitational on Feb. 12-13.

"We're going to Boise to give our sprinters a chance to run on a 200-meter banked track which is a lot different than running on Seattle's flat track," said Strametz.

UW Invitational Final Schedule

Friday, January 29, 2010


3:40 pm: Pentathlon: High Jump (W)

3:50 pm: Heptathlon: Long Jump (M)

5:05 pm: Heptathlon: Shot Put (M)

6:00 pm: Pole Vault, Sect 1 (W/M)

6:10 pm: Pentathlon: Shot Put (W)

6:20 pm: Heptathlon: High Jump (M)

7:25 pm: Pentathlon: Long Jump (W)


3:00 pm: Pentathlon: 60m Hurdles (W)

3:15 pm: Heptathlon: 60m Dash (M)

6:00 pm: 4x800m (W) (1 Heat)

6:15 pm: 4x800m (M) (1 Heat)

6:30 pm: 5000m Run (W) (1 Heat)

6:55 pm: 5000m Run (M) (1 Heat)

7:15 pm: DMR (W) (1 Heat)

7:30 pm: DMR (M) (1 Heat)

7:50 pm: Masters 200m (2 Heats)

8:30 pm: Pentathlon: 800m Run (W)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


10:00 am: Long Jump (W/M)

10:00 am: High Jump, Sect 1 (W)

11:00 am: Heptathlon: Pole Vault (M)

12:00 pm: High Jump, Sect 1 (M)

12:00 pm: Shot Put (M)

12:00 pm: Weight Throw (W)

1:30 pm: Triple Jump (W/M)

3:00 pm: High Jump, Sect 2 (W)

3:00 pm: Shot Put (W)

3:00 pm: Weight Throw (M)

3:00 pm: Pole Vault, Sect 2 (M/W*)

4:00 pm: High Jump, Sect 2 (M)


9:00 am: 3000m Run (W) Heat 1

9:15 am: 3000m Run (M) Heat 1

9:30 am: 60m Hurdles, Prelim (W) Heats 1-10

10:00 am: Heptathlon: 60m Hurdles (M) 5 Heats

10:15 am: 60m Hurdles, Prelim (M) Heats 1-6

10:35 am: 60m Dash, Prelim (W) Heats 1-11

10:57 am: 60m Dash, Prelim (M) Heats 1-12

11:25 am: 60m Hurdles, Final (W) 2 Heats

11:35 am: 60m Hurdles, Final (M) 2 Heats

11:45 am: 60m Dash, Final (W) 2 Heats

11:55 am: 60m Dash, Final (M) 2 Heats

12:05 am: 60m Dash, (Masters) 2 Heats

12:15 am: Mile Run (W) Heat 1

12:23 am: Mile Run (M) Heat 1

12:30 pm: 400m Dash (W) Heats 1-8

12:55 pm: 400m Dash (M) Heats 1-13

1:35 pm: 800m Run (W) Heats 1- 3

1:50 pm: 800m Run (M) Heats 1 & 2

2:00 pm: 200m Dash (W) Heats 1-12

2:35 pm: 200m Dash (M) Heats 1-8


3:15 pm: Mile Run (W) Heat 2

3:22 pm: Mile Run (W) Heat 3

3:29 pm: Mile Run (M) Heat 2

3:35 pm: Mile Run (M) Heat 3

3:50 pm: 400m Dash (W) Heat 9

3:53 pm: 400m Dash (W) Heat 10

3:56 pm: 400m Dash (M) Heat 14

4:00 pm: 400m Dash (M) Heat 15

4:10 pm: 800m Run (W) Heat 4

4:14 pm: 800m Run (W) Heat 5

4:18 pm: 800m Run (M) Heat 3

4:22 pm: 800m Run (M) Heat 4

4:30 pm: 200m Dash (W) Heat 13

4:33 pm: 200m Dash (W) Heat 14

4:36 pm: 200m Dash (M) Heat 9

4:39 pm: 200m Dash (M) Heat 10

4:45 pm: 3000m Run (W) Heat 2

4:57 pm: 3000m Run (W) Heat 3

5:10 pm: 3000m Run (M) Heat 2

5:20 pm: 3000m Run (M) Heat 3

5:35 pm: 4x400m Relay (W) 3 Heats

5:55 pm: 4x400m Relay (M) 2 Heats


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