Matador Minute with Men's Track and Field Senior Alex Butler

May 24, 2010

 What was it like to win the Big West?

 "I had done it before, so it wasn't that new. I was happy that I did well and set a new PR with my winning throw."

 What's it take to be a hammer thrower?

 "I have no idea. Every person has his or her own ideas. For me, I had to gain weight and work on my footwork and get quick feet. The faster your feet can go, the faster the ball can go."

 How excited are you to be heading to Texas?

 "Well, I'm not excited for being there for a week. I am excited for the opportunity to make it to nationals. Getting to that final meet in Oregon would be pretty cool."

 When did you get started with the hammer?

 "I started in the event in 2005. In high school, I just did shot put and discus. I have a love-hate relationship with it; it all depends on how I'm doing at the time."

  Can you talk about the group of throwers for the men's team?

 "We're not a tight-knit group, but we have a good time when we're hanging out. We like each other, so it's good to see people do well."

 What was it like to see Morgan Bogard win the women's hammer?

 "Although it was expected, it was nice to see her do that for the women's team and throwers group. It was especially nice because we're a large group of seniors."

 How about your performance in the shot put?

 "I finished fourth in the shot, but was hoping to win it all. I got away with some close decision in the circle and that helped me get those important five points."

 What was it like to host the Big West Championships?

 A: "We've hosted four of the five years I've been here. It's nice to not have to wait around at a meet to do your event. I could just show up and do my work."

 What are your post-graduation plans?

 "I'm moving back home and try to become a cop somewhere in California, preferably in San Diego. I'm getting a degree in business, but I am a do-er. I like to do stuff, as opposed to sitting behind a desk."

 What are your final thoughts?

 "It'd be nice to go to the NCAA Championships. It has been fun and I'd like it to continue on toward that goal, but if it didn't happen, I'd be ok with that too. I've had a fun time at Northridge. "

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