Matador Minute with Christina Saenz

March 19, 2009

Question This year you have a .406 batting average and a .500 on base percentage. What adjustments have you made from last season to this season?

Answer I've learned to not put too much pressure on myself when I'm batting in a big situation. When I don't get a big hit, I'm not getting too low anymore. Also this year I've just enjoyed myself and tried to have fun more.

Question What have you learned from Coach Barbara Jordan?

Answer She's taught me that God doesn't make better players. Success depends only on who wants it more

Question Is there a moment in your collegiate career that stands out as your favorite moment?

Answer It has to be my first game for CSUN against Texas. In that game I got two hits in my first two at-bats.

Question The Matadors have won 15 of the last 18 games, what are the reasons for your terrific play as of late?

Answer Well this year we are making an effort to have more fun on the field. Also, every player is contributing, 1 through 9 in our batting order. We are all feeding off one another. When one of us gets a hit, then we try to keep the momentum going with the next batter, then the next batter, and then the next. Also our pitchers, like Amanda Pitzenberger, Debbie Duran and Hannah Fraijo, have pitched really well when they have been on the mound.

Question What are your impressions of the freshman and the newcomers on the team?

Answer My impressions are good because they've all contributed to the team's success. They all have pitched well for us. Players like Hannah Fraijo and DEBORAH DURAN have been great this year and have given our team an extra lift.

Question Is there any part of your game that needs improvement?

Answer Of course there is always room for improvement. I have been working on my defense. The last two years, I have been primarily a DH on the team, but this year I have been playing in the field. Most of the time I have been in right field. My hitting also needs some improvement.

Question Is there a person on the team that keeps everyone loose?

Answer Amanda Pitzenberger is the one that keeps everyone loose. She loosens me up when I'm down or if I'm tight about a game.

QuestionWhere does CSUN stack up in the Big West Conference this year?

Answer I really can't wait to start our in-conference competition. We had a really successful preseason and we have slowly gotten better as the season has gone on. I'm really excited about our chances this year.

Question When you're away from the field, where is your attention focused on?

Answer It has to be studying and just going to class.

Written by Media Relations Intern Nicholas Bocanegra

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