Matador Minute with Brooke Doane

Feb. 19, 2009

Question Last season as a rookie you had an impressive 14-5 singles record. What are your memories of your rookie year?

Answer Probably my favorite memories are teaming with Kanykey Koichumanova because of the success and chemistry we had together. We finished the year 18-2 and earned All-Big West Second Team honors

Question How did you adjust so well, so quickly?

Answer It wasn't a quick adjustment actually. In the fall I didn't perform well, but when spring around came I did much better. I'm not sure why it happened like that. Maybe I did better because I felt more comfortable on the court.

Question Also, last season you teamed with senior Kanykey Koichumanova to an 18-2 doubles record. What made your team so tough to defeat?

Answer We had good chemistry with one another right off the bat on the court. She would always set up the points really well. Our personalities worked well also. We would always pick each other up if one of us was down. It was just a fun time playing with her.

Question When you initially came over from Honolulu, Hawaii, what were the biggest differences from going to school in Hawaii, in comparison to college life at CSUN?

Answer In Hawaii everybody is way more laid back. Here at Northridge, students and the athletes are less laid back. On the tennis court, it took me quite awhile to adjust to the intensity everybody had. I had to play at a higher level more consistently. Also, the weather is a big difference.

Question What would you characterize as your role on the team?

Answer Along with my fellow sophomores, we have to take care of the freshman and show them the ways of the team. I want to set a good example for them.

Question What are the differences between singles and doubles competition?

Answer Playing doubles competition has come natural to me. I love being at the net. Singles was challenging at first, but I am becoming more comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to getting better at singles.

Question Which competition to do you prefer?

Answer Most definitely doubles!

Question What can we expect from the Matadors this season?

Answer We are kind of injured right now. Our co-MVP player, Sandra Kukla, is out with an injury. We have won two in row over UC Davis and Fullerton, so things are looking better. Our team will have to fight harder this year, because our schedule will get tougher as the season goes on.

Question Are there any differences from last year's team to this year's team?

Answer We lost two key players from last year with Kanykey and Canna Furuta graduating. We are also younger this year with only two juniors and two seniors on team.

Question Head Coach Gary Victor says that you have "great hands and no fear on the net." what do you suggest is your best attribute as a tennis player?

Answer I have to agree with Coach. I have way better instincts near the net. I guess it's a gift.

Question What are your passions outside the tennis court? Where will we find you when you're not playing?

Answer I don't know. Tennis takes so much out of my time. I guess the beach. I'm passionate about going there.

Written by Media Relations Intern Nicholas Bocanegra

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